Special Offers

New Patient Offer: Free New-Patient Second Opinion

Questions on a current plan? Haven’t flossed in a while? Bad dental experience in your past? We get it. But come in anyway. Your teeth — your health! — are worth it.

Our patients tell us we give them the best dental experience they’ve ever had.  Meet our dentists and fabulous team. Get your questions answered. See how it feels. Call today to schedule your no-fear, no-shame, no-cost visit at 651-224-0001.

Includes new-patient second opinion and necessary X-rays; no cleaning or comprehensive exam included with this offer.

Ready for a Smile Makeover?

Thinking about enhancing your smile with cosmetic dentistry? Schedule a free cosmetic consultation to get your questions answered. 

New Patient Offer: Professional Whitening for Life $149

Schedule your first Preventive Care Visit and you can add on professional Whitening for Life for $149 (a $450+ value). After your comprehensive exam and cleaning, we’ll make you custom trays and get you set up with the take-home supplies you need to brighten your smile. Then you’​ll receive refills at every preventive care visit for life! That ought to keep you smiling. Call us today at 651-224-0001 to schedule your appointment.

Comprehensive exam and cleaning not included in this offer.