Sedation Dentistry

Non-sedation Dentistry

So many patients — especially adults — have such a fear of dentistry, it can keep them from seeking the preventive care or treatment they need to be healthy. Some dentists give these patients sedatives. We find that many patients don’t want the disruption and risk of being sedated, so we have other ways to help them move beyond their anxiety and have a positive experience in our care.

Stress-free dentistry with Drs. Thomas, Maley, and McCarthy consists of slowing things down, talking things through, and keeping patients in control. Half the battle for people with anxiety is making and keeping the appointment. Our reception team members treat anxious patients with compassion, listen to their stories and fears, and schedule extra time so there’s no rush.

Patients who have put off dentistry because of fear are often ashamed and worried that their problems are much bigger than they actually are. We don’t shame or make people feel embarrassed about their oral health. We commend the courage it takes to get in here.

Moreover, we do everything in our power to make sure the next visit will be a little less scary because the first one wasn’t so bad. We do this by asking questions, taking the time to listen, and working with the patient to make a plan for how to proceed. We take things very slowly to assure patients we will stop immediately if they raise their hand.

If you’ve put off necessary dental care, please be reassured that our team can help you overcome your anxiety. Contact our St. Paul dental office to begin your journey to a life full of healthy, happy smiles.