Meet Dr. Rachel Carpino

Dr. Carpino has always gravitated towards camaraderie, especially when advocating for someone's health. Saint City Dental provided just that, melding her passions of providing a relaxing, comfortable dental environment with a positive team atmosphere.

Relocating from Kansas City, Missouri where she was raised and attended dental school, Dr. Carpino desired to practice in a community with a lively running and outdoor excursion culture, one not too far from her Missouri home.

After having practiced in both public and private dental clinics, she found an inviting practice that felt like home with Saint City Dental.

“Finding a team and environment that fits my model of care, while making patient visits inviting and fun is a difficult task.” Dr Carpino expressed. “A positive team atmosphere is important because it leads to great patient care. This is exactly Saint City Dental.”

Dr Rachel’s dental philosophy blended with those of Drs. Thomas, Cassi, and Maley. “I really enjoy making a positive difference in people’s lives and dentistry is such a great avenue to do this.” 

Special Distinctions

  • Published article “Assessing the Effectiveness of a School-Based Dental Clinic on the Oral Health of Children Who Lack Access to Dental Care: A Program Evaluation”, Rachel Carpino, Mary P. Walker, Ying Liu, Melanie Simmer-Beck, The Journal of School Nursing, 2017
  • Student Chapter of American Academy of Public Health Dentistry Co-President and UMKC Chapter Founder
  • UMKC JayDoc Free Dental Clinic Director of Student Volunteers

Dr. Rachel, now a huge fan of all things Minnesotan (except the Vikings-“Go Chiefs!”) is excited to grow as a dental clinician with Saint City Dental and form lasting bonds with our patients.

What can you expect from Dr Rachel?

No Judgment.

Dr Rachel applies her dental expertise in an honest yet non-judgement approach. Her hope is to have patients leave feeling educated and as an advocate for their dental health.

Patient - Dentist Team.

Having an extensive background in athletics from childhood to college, and currently coaching High School Cross Country, Dr Rachel understands that the best way to accomplish goals is through teamwork. She will listen and and work in unison with her patients to develop a plan that they are comfortable with.


The team effort extends beyond our office. Dr Rachel enjoys explaining dental products and preventative techniques that the patient can utilize at home.


What Made you Become a Dentist?

I had an amazing neighborhood dentist growing up. Not only was he great at his craft, but he’s also a good and kind man. He was someone his patients trusted to have their best interests in mind and to help them in any way he could. When I showed interest in the dental field, he was extremely kind in guiding me while I navigated my own path. His influence along with my passion for helping people, specifically with their health, is what pushed me to become a dentist.

Why Join Saint City Dental?

The people of Saint City Dental care about their patients and each other. It is a simple but important concept. My interactions with Drs. Thomas, Maley, and Cassi were all so positive and thoughtful that I could not help but be infected by it. I noticed that the patients also feel that atmosphere. The environment combined with similar models of patient care and values makes the clinic special and something I immediately wanted to contribute to.

What do you do outside of Dentistry?

While I call myself a “retired runner” because I’m not a college athlete anymore, I still seem to be doing it quite a bit. I also share that passion with youth by coaching High School cross country. Besides running around the Twin Cities, I love to travel and hike with my dog Shadow. I’m still trying to figure out XC skiing in the winter, so if anyone has any tips, I’m all ears.