St. Paul Pediatric Dentistry for Kids

Making dentistry fun for kids at Saint City Dental!

Nothing is more important to a lifetime of healthy teeth than a happy visit to the dentist. A child who feels safe and comfortable will “open wide” and look forward to future visits.

Dental care for kids may begin as simply as going for a ride in the chair, watching big brother from the sidelines, or sitting on Mom’s lap while she visits our dentists. Whatever it takes, it’s worth investing a little time up front to kick off a happy, trusting experience.

The best part of kids’ dentistry at Saint City Dental? We make it fun, casual, and comfortable! We’ve had dozens of parents laughingly tell us their kids ask them when they get to come in next. Kids having fun at the dentist — it’s a novel concept, but it’s true!

We treat our young patients like little people in charge of themselves. It’s amazing how comfortable kids are when they feel like they have some control — even the little ones.

If they raise their hand, we stop. Do they want to try without novocaine to avoid a shot? Let’s try it! They run “Mr. Thirsty” when they need to spit. They get to pick their own prize and a sticker, choose their favorite toothpaste flavor, and pick between floss sticks and regular floss to take home. They have so much fun that it really never occurs to them to be scared!

We agree with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that your youngster should visit our office by his or her first birthday and continue to see us every six months. This gives us a chance to build a relationship with your little one, prevent cavities through cleanings, fluoride, and sealants, and to catch things while they’re small, easy, and inexpensive to fix.

When it comes to keeping your kid’s teeth healthy, you and your family deserve a practice that will put your son or daughter first. As family dentists, Drs. Thomas, McCarthy and Carpino have been working with kids their entire careers, in addition to providing a full range of dentistry for adults.

We invite you to schedule an appointment for your child at our St. Paul dental office. Let’s give them the best gift in the world: a reason to smile!

Check out what some of our current patients have to say!

“All of the staff are cheerful, helpful, and informative! They are great with our five- and six-year-old daughters, as well as my husband and me! We all LOOK FORWARD to our dentist visits!!! Hope you check out their modern and clean office and meet the wonderful people there! You won’t regret an appointment here!”

“Dentist Bobby (as my son calls him), Dr. Thomas, and all the staff are truly fantastic — professional, kind, and skilled. The office is warm and inviting.”

“Best-run clinic, best staff, best dentist. Runs like a Swiss watch. Everyone’s smiling that works there. I am not writing this for any other reason than they deserve high praise. Love this place.”

“Had a wonderful experience here, from the front desk welcome to the dentist (Dr. Thomas). It was my toddler’s first time to the dentist and thanks to their team, it went super!”

“I brought our three-year-old in for his first dental appointment. The staff was friendly and welcoming. He enjoyed the appointment so much that he asked that night if he could go back to the dentist’s office.”